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 PREdictor for
HUman-RObot COllaboration

Saving resources in HRC production

Do robots work for you? And humans too?

Then you probably do everything to avoid collision to protect human life. But do you do everything to avoid downtime in production?

Our solution is PREHUROCO, a technology that creates a shared virtual reality workspace over the Internet/Intranet for humans and robots.

The human operator will be digitally immersed into the real-time digital twin of the manufacturing cell by XR visualization and/or haptic feedback. This innovative usage of interactive technologies which can assist the human operator for avoiding collisions in various assembly tasks is a novel approach in cobot based production.

What is the value of this solution?

DECREASE the number of collisions to zero with proper system parameter settings.

DECREASE - the Takt Time (TT) by 5% 

DEMONSTRATE how the XR technologies can be used in HRC based production by PREHUROCO for manufacturing companies

PREHUROCO is a new Business to Business (B2B) XR software package for industrial system integrator companies for reselling a custom tailored solution based on the PREHUROCO technology for their manufacturing company customers. The service provided for the customers is the opportunity to avoid interruptions in the production process. The value of this service is the output that can be realized during the saved time which means improved profitability for the manufacturing companies. Moreover, lower energy consumption can be shown up by the lower unit cost of the product.


How does it work?

- Warning humans about a chance of collision with robots (even mobile robots)

- Collision is avoided

- No robot interruption, no downtime in production

- Realizing Economies of Scale – lower cost per unit

- Higher margin.

The Software Architecture of PREHUROCO:

The Software Architecture of PREHUROCO:

About us.

Our team consist of researchers, engineers, developers, businessmen, but most of all future-makers.

SZTAKI is a research institute with more than 300 full-time employees. Our Shared Virtual Reality Group has a decade of expertise in immersive and multi-user virtual reality technologies conducted by EU projects (Hunorob, VisionAir, NeuroCogSpace, Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit). As a result, the group has published the outcomes in 2016 as an open-source virtual reality software library called ApertusVR. Our Shared Virtual Reality Group is involved in the OpenXR workgroup to create the first industrial standard with the World’s leading IT companies like Google, NVidia, Microsoft, Intel, and Samsung. 

PREHUROCO project partner Hepenix Ltd., is an established integrator since 1991 and an experienced supplier in the automotive, consumer and nuclear industries. The company provides working prototypes with the reliability of serial production tools and integrates collaborative robots as part of their daily routine. SZTAKI and Hepenix Ltd. maintain good cooperation in R&D projects for years. 



HEPENIX is your experienced supplier in the automotive, consumer and nuclear industries.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the XR4ALL project with grant agreement No 825545

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